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14.08.2014 // Sizing rules for bikini and shoes

All women competitors must adhere to the UKBFF rules for bikini and shoes. The rules can be found on our forms page, or alternatively you can click here to read about the rules now. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

13.08.2014 // Competitors' information for the 2014 UKBFF Championships

Details can be seen here.

13.08.2014 // UKBFF athletes suspended for doping rule violation 2014

Drug testing conducted at the UKBFF UK Nationals in Leicester on the 20th April 2014, were performed according the WADA rules and resulted in the following suspensions:

Alessandra Tumolo 20 April 2014-20 April 2015 1 year
Kristie Ott 20 April 2014-20 April 2016 2 years
Richard Dickinson 20 April 2014-20 April 2016 2 years
Karol Olender 20 April 2014-20 April 2016 2 years
Nicolas Paul 20 April 2014-20 April 2016 2 years

Athletes and/or officials, who are in a time of suspension, cannot participate or perform in any official UKBFF/IFBB event, i.e. cannot compete, give seminars, give lectures at shows, competitions, expos, etc.

18.07.2014 // Clarification of date for UKBFF Grand Prix of England

The UKBFF Grand Prix of England at the Indoor Athletic venue, Brunel University, Uxbridge will be held on Saturday 19th July 2014, not the 20th July. Please see our events page for more details.

28.06.2014 // Arnold Classic 2014

Details of the Inspection Report for the Arnold Classic 2014 are now available.

The top 6 of last year's British are eligible to compete, but have to pay all the cost themselves. The athletes that want to go to Madrid, will have to inform the UKBFF. Please email

21.10.2013 // UKBFF British Championship results 2013

Welcome to the UKBFF British Championships, this year held at Harrogate's International Centre. Such was the success of the qualifiers though the year, with record numbers of competitors, it was again a two day event.

The venue is much like the Wembley Conference Centre, with a big dropped screen on stage, so excellent viewing for everyone. President Bill Tierney must be extremely proud of what he and his team have achieved over the last few years, as the UKBFF seems to go from strength to strength. The compare for the show was 'Mr Bodybuilding' himself, Kerry Kayes.

The show opened with the Beginners, 21 excellent physiques. It was hard to believe these 21 athletes were beginners. From the first call-out the audience were on there feet getting behind their favorites. A nightmare for the judges but the top 6 finished up being, Wayland Agilotti, Martin Shaw, Simon Riden, Slelhta Viastimi, Richard Wall and Kane Booth. The final six showed depth in muscle, with good symmetry. The final six all get to do their free posing. This gives them 60 seconds to show the judges their best body parts. When the final scores came in wit was Wayland Agilotti who took first place.


1 Wayland Agliotti
2 Slelhta Viastimi
3 Martin Shaw
4 Richard Wall
5 Simon Riden
6 Kane Booth

Second category, the juniors, a line up of 22 amazing physiques. What a future these youngsters have and what's such a surprise all these Juniors are under 23 years of age. They say track and field records are being broken , but what these youngsters have done is unbelievable. The final six must have taken some hard decisions from the judges, with each youngster.

Wanting to be crowned champion, Charles Harris showing a big dense back. Matt Townsend, with that dry look bodybuilders crave for. Owen Powell with some excellent posing. Dave Young with a full look again. From Andrew Scott some classic posing, a touch of Bob Parris about him. Finally Mick Hargreaves and to quote our President Bill Tierney 'It's the best Junior line up he had seen', and that's saying something as he had just returned from the Arnold Classic. The winner of this category received £500 worth of products.

Out of 22 Juniors we finished up with the final 6, with first place going to Andrew Scott. Andrew, you heard what our President said so please keep up the good work.


1 Andrew Scott
2 Matt Townsend
3 Dave Young
4 Michael Hargreaves
5 Owen Powell
6 Charles Harris

Next came the Over 40's, an outstanding show of muscle. What a credit to our business. We even had a granddad on stage Paul McAndrew. Granddaughter Brook was cheering on for granddad Paul. Kerry Kayes got young Brook on stage for photos with Graddad Paul. That must be one for the family album. Hard one to call for the judges this category with plenty of call-outs. The final six didn't make it any easier either, with excellent quarter turns and free posing. Must be years of experience.

First place went to Zak Pallikaros with President Bill Tierney also giving Zak an invite to the Arnolds.

Masters - Over 40's

1 Zak Pallikaros
2 Mark Higgins
3 Silvio Martinez
4 Ivan Da Silva
5 Kevin Fraser
6: Paul Dillion

This has been a popular category for years and never more so than for the 2013 line up. As the head judge Julian Fienstein said, 'This was a hard one'. With 16 girls, all in perfect condition, this class was that close. The judges had to have a recount. But the closing score and the UKBFF champion was Karolina Botova, with the other 5 pushing her very close.

Bodyfitness - Short

1: Karolina Botkova
2: Reem Bareeq
3: Yo Lazarov
4: Serene Husseini
5: Clare Baggs
6: Carrie Godfrey

Ten competitors for this class, a class bought in a few years ago for the new, less muscular look, which has proved very popular, again Kerry reminded us that it's a family show. Something both Richard and his daughter will remember. As daughter Tyler gave dad his winners trophy. So 1st place went to Richard Dickinson, 2nd Lee Frapple. Lee's back stood way out. 3rd Piotr Uablonski, with a nice full physique. 4th Kevin Twigger who's posing was joy to watch. 5th Krishnan Siva with abs and shoulders standing way out, with Darren Clement 6th.

Classics under 175cm

1 Richard Dickinson
2 Lee Frapple
3 Piotr Uablonski
4 Kevin Twigger
5 Krishnan Siva
6 Darren Clement

The Bikini category has proved to be one of the most popular classes with competitors and audience alike, with 25 girls in the short class alone. This class also has an all girls judging panel. How these girls can be separated is one of the hardest tasks the judges have to make. Finally they come up with the top six, but how do you separate perfection. 1st place in a tough class eventually went to Anita Bekus.

Bikini short 163cm

1 Anita Bekus
2 Nikki Jenkins
3 Victoria Gill
4 Barbara Domagala
5 Ellie Wheatley
6 Chloe Rockett

This event has proved very popular the world over. So much so with the UKBFF they have had to make it into a short and tall class. The muscle separation these Physique boys have is nothing short of terrific. To look the way these men's physiques are going it seems their here to stay and I'm sure they'll stand the test of time. UKBFF No.1 spot went to the one who has just returned from the Arnold and as an overall winner. Bill Tierney also gave him his pro card, the UK's first Men's Physique Pro.

Men's Physique - Short

1 Ryan Terry - Pro card
2 Ben Noy
3 Rob Riches
4 Jamie
5 Alex
6 Callum

What a shame for Amy being the only competitor as I am sure Amy would have done well with many others. Hopefully `Amy will be lucky enough in 2014 to be challenged, but this girl will take some beating. So come on girls prove me wrong!

Women's athletic fitness

1 Amy Porter

It says 'Women's Fitness' and that's exactly what these gave us with some great routines. All girls had great stage presence. 2nd round they were judged on their physique. All six girls were in great shape but when the points were added up Irina Cotton came 1st. Irena has been a UKBFF competitor for many years and this is the 4th time she has won the British title. Fantastic show girls well done.


1 Irina Cotton
2 Cee Oliver
3 Leigh Purcell
4 Emma Pauley
5 Katarina
6 Chanty Porter

Men's athletic fitness

1 Jason Harding
2 Landra Tamkin
3 Russell Bevan

This class is the taller of the Men's Physique classes. This seems to be what young ladies call 'A Physique'. That model look and there were 21 of them on stage. All had bought their six packs and tight muscles. This was another close call with the statistician having to count down on the scores, such was the standard of this class, in fact all classes. On any other day or at another show these top six decisions could have been reversed, that's how close it was, well done all.

Men's physique tall

1 Ashley Grant
2 Leon Williams
3 Tom McDonough
4 Nicolas Paul
5 Ernie Alexsandrovas
6 Francisco Rocha

Again this popular class had to be split into two, short and tall. A much fairer way to compare your competitors and all agreed with this. The final six gave us a real treat. The first place winner, Zak McGuirk, really did his homework for this show and it was his son who gave him his trophy. In second, Jordon Owen the class says classic and that's exactly what he gave us, classic posing. Austin Williams in 3rd with a good all round physique, with a back you could fly with. 4th Adam Goodwin, his diet was spot on ripped and full. 5th Slavamir Glin who treated us to some excellent posing. 6th Oliver Meeson who slipped in quite a few poses of old timer Frank Zane.

Classic tall results

1 Zak McGuirk
2 Jordan Owen
3 Austin Williams
4 Adam Goodwin
5 Slavamir Glin
6 Oliver Meeson

For over 50's men, most men at this age are taking things easy, but not these gladiators. These men have denied nature and refused to let those muscles loose their fullness. No couch potatoes on this stage, but when we say over 50's they may be 55 or even 60, so credit to all 15 competitors. Over 50 may be but I know some me of 25 that would like bodies like this. Old timers such as Bernie Cooper and Cav Darby, now both in their 60's will tell you it keeps them young.

Masters - Over 50s

1 Ben Jorden
2 Leslak Jagla
3 Steve Castle
4 Ian Proudlock
5 Ronnie Orr
6 Kevin Wilson

21 competitors in this class and at a glance you could see this was going to be a difficult class. With qualifiers all over the UK, these were girls who had won their spot at the UKBFF finals. With a close call for the top six, all judges had to work overtime on this class.

Bodyfitness - Tall

1 Eszter Pati
2 Caroline Bell
3 Maria Scotland
4 Ana Prevlavska
5 Kinga Kubiaka
6 Heather McClean

With 42 girls where do the judges go with this class and not one girl without a smile. These UKBFF girls are the cream of the UKBFF and Britain. Most of these girls on stage are champions having won qualifiers and the remainder had to have been a close second to be here on stage at the UKBFF finals.

Now back to the to all these beauties on stage. The judges, as always, did a fantastic job in picking the top six. The final result finished up with 1st place going to Nina Ross, our Body fitness champion only last year, with the other results as listed below. Well done girls, looking forward to seeing what you give us next year.

Bikini Fitness - Tall (over 163cms)

1 Nina Ross
2 Melissa Haywood
3 Melvina Dedrick
4 Georgia Simmons
5 Kristbjorg Jonasdottir
6 Sarah Scully

Day two and the show opens with the Women's Bodybuilding Class. Six fine physiques. It's a class that need encouraging, so all you girls out there that would like to compete, come forward. The UKBFF will give you the help you need. You can contact Sarah Bridges @ The six girls were in amazing shape, a credit to our sport. Every one looked like a champion. I'm sure a few of these girls will do well in the World's and European Championships or even the Arnold's, Girls you're a credit to our sport.

Women's bodybuilding

1 Silvana Imbrogno
2 Tamazin Danks
3 Christal Cornick
4 Corinne Ingman
4 Sarah Williams
6 Sally Ure

Intermediates under 80kg

1 David Henderson
2 Dan Dixon
3 David Thomas
4 Mackenzie Sager
5 Leon Lizzi
6 Dave Neil

Intermediates under 90kg

1 Lee Chambers
2 Gethin Huw
3 Alex Smith
4 Andrew Brun
5 Stuart Beveridge
6 Kaan Yilal

Intermediates over 90kg

1 Michael Urban
2 Jim Georgiou
3 David Lyszczek
4 Neil Hulland
5 Pavel Dabrowa
6 Adam Sale

Women's physique class

1 Ria Ward
2 Hayley Brylewski
3 Alessandra Tumolo
4 Jackie Hague
5 Kerry Seagrave
6 Michelle Williams


1 Gordon Singh
2 Anthony Robinson
3 Joel Wright
4 Jamie Stormont
5 Lee Williams
6 Johan Nilsson


1 Cliff Benton
2 Nathan Robinson
3 Michael Motanov
4 Michael Smith
5 Randeep Lotay
6 Stephen Chandiwana


1 Ricardo Correia
2 Dean Lesiak
3 Tony Bailey
4 Chris Jones
5 Shaun Blackwood
6 Edwin Narnor


1 Sasan Heirati
2 Dan Jumaa
3 Dotun Diya
4 Norbert Lewandowski
5 Rob Cannon
6 Michael Porter


1 Dave Titterton
2 Darren Cooke
3 James Hollingshead
4 Wayne Niemic
5 Stuart Core
6 Lukas Gabris

Overall winner & Pro card - Ricardo Correia


The British Championships which will be held on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October, is moving to the fantastic Harrogate International Centre.

More detailed information will be posted soon.

There will be a change in the Running Order and the Pre-Judging and Finals will be held on 1 day.

All Qualified competitors please see the Running Order for your day to compete at the British.

Tickets will be going on sale in July.

The schedule running order for the British Championships can be viewed here.

30.01.2013 // Changes to Entry Form and Rules for 2013

All future members and competitors please note that we have a new entry form that should be downloaded and completed for all UKBFF qualifying contests.

The Federation Rules have also been amended and new rules for the Men's and Women's Physique events have been uploaded to the website and can be viewed now.

08.12.2012 // Calendar of Events 2013

Details of the upcoming events for 2013 are now available exclusively on our website. Read more...

31.10.2012 // The 2012 UKBFF British Championships was a HUGE success!

The event took place at the Sportex Festival, Event City in Manchester's Trafford Centre and you can now view all the results in full. Read more...

14.09.2012 // The 2012 UKBFF British Championships will take place in October at the Sportex Festival, Event City in Manchester's Trafford Centre

Tickets for the two day event are £40 for Standard Tickets and £60 for VIP Tickets. Read more...

14.09.2012 // The next educational courses to start on Friday 26th October

The 'IFBB Basic Nutrition Course' will take place in Panther 's Gym, Uxbridge and will start on Friday 26th October 2012, with a 1-day Nutrition Course. Lecturer is the well-known UKBFF Executive Member Kerry Kayes. Read more...

01.07.2012 // UKBFF would like to announce the following exciting news to our loyal members

The UKBFF will have the UK NATIONALS starting in 2013. Date is 21st April and this event will be a selection for the IFBB European and World Championships and invitational Arnold Europe in Madrid. This will be a drug tested Championships under WADA regulations.

Only 4-year members of good standing will be considered to represent the federation at IFBB international events (European and World Championships) or IFBB invitational events (Arnold Classic in Columbus, USA and Arnold Classic in Madrid, Spain and all other events on the IFBB calendar).

There will be prize money in future events (2013), which will only be given to weight category winners, who are 4-year members.

To be considered for IFBB Pro card or to compete in IFBB international or invitational events, you will have to be a 4-year member and have shown loyalty to the UKBFF/IFBB.

All these benefits will only be awarded to UKBFF members, who have shown commitment to the federation, for example like our IFBB pro athletes Zak Khan and Alvin Small, who have always been involved in supporting the UKBFF.

Seasonal members will not be eligible for competing in any IFBB international event or for IFBB pro status, or for prize money in future events.

UKBFF pays for:

  • Teams to go to the 7 IFBB International Championships (3 European and 4 World championships) - all expenses are paid
  • Selected athletes to go to ARNOLD USA – all expenses are paid
  • British bikini overall winner sponsored by D.INCWEAR to go to ARNOLD USA – all expenses paid
  • Registration fees for some athletes participating in the ARNOLD MADRID to be paid by UKBFF

The new UK Nationals tested event on 21st April 2013, will have the following categories open for participation:

BB Weight Classes:
Up to 80 Kg
Up to 90 Kg
Over 90 Kg

Up to 163 cm
Over 163 cm

Up to 20 years
Up to 23 years

Up to 178 cm
Over 178 cm

Women's PHYSIQUE – NEW!!!!
Up to 163 cm
Over 163 cm

There will also be a Model search.

More detailed info to follow.

The first UKBFF Bikini Bootcamp which was organized by Helen and Sean O'Reilly in their Panthers Gym in Cowley, Uxbridge, was attended by 28 beautiful ladies.

Few had already been competing before, but the majority of the women came to the Bootcamp to learn. Read more...

11.03.2012 // Fantastic results of the UKBFF team at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio.
The UKBFF Arnold Classic Team came back from the USA and we were very proud that ALL of them placed in the top 5 in their category.

The competition was of a very high standard and the UK athletes had to work very hard and deserved to be placed in the top 5 places:






Chris Jones Jon Griffiths

                    Chris Jones                                         Jon Griffiths

Dave Titterton Bobby Khan

                Dave Titterton                                    Bobby Khan

The Arnold Amateur will have more than 600 athletes and over 60 countries will attend this fantastic event.

We wish the UK team good luck and bring back some medals!!

29.02.2012 // The UKBFF is sending 4 great athletes to the Arnold Amateur in Columbus, Ohio, which runs from the 1-3 March.
Everybody wants to be on the Arnold stage and it is a great privilege to be part of the Arnold Amateur.

The athletes selected are:

Chris Jones
Jon Griffiths
Dave Titterton
Bobby Khan

The Arnold Amateur will have more than 600 athletes and over 60 countries will attend this fantastic event.

We wish the UK team good luck and bring back some medals!!

28.02.2012 // The UKBFF has invited the IFBB Judges Committee Chairman, Pawel Filleborn from Poland, to perform a judges seminar.
It will be on Sunday the 18th March in Sean and Helen O'Reilly's Panthers Gym, 2 Point West Building, Packet Boat Lane, Uxbridge, UB8 2JP. We will start at 10:30am.

The UKBFF is opening this seminar to UKBFF members, like coaches and trainers and competitors, who are interested in knowing how the UKBFF/IFBB judging system works and what we are looking for in the competitors. The fee is £125. This price includes lunch. Please contact Sean O'Reilly on 01895 436000 or email

This year the UKBFF British Finals will be held in the EVENTCITY Exhibition Centre in the Trafford Centre in Manchester. Dates are Saturday 20th October and Sunday 21st October 2012.

The Trafford Centre is one of the largest shopping Centres in the UK and boasts more than 200 shops, 50 restaurant and various sporting centres, like an indoor ski-slope and golf centre and attracts thousands of shoppers every day.

EventCity is an exhibition centre within the Trafford Centre and is easy accessible from all over the UK and abroad, as Manchester Airport is just minutes away.

The UKBFF British will be held in conjunction with the IFBB Pro Grand Prix and a multi-sport expo and the whole event will be known under the name SPORTEX FESTIVAL.

As usual the Pre-judging will be held on the Saturday starting at 10 am till 5 pm and the Top six of each category will advance to the Finals on Sunday.

SPORTEX FESTIVAL will have lots of trade stands and also other sport competitions and various exhibitions. So there will be something of interest for everybody. If you are a company involved in sport and want to book space at this event, do it now and be part of the action!!! Spaces are going fast, so act now.

The new IFBB/UKBFF discipline, ATHLETIC FITNESS will be happening at this event. It is a fantastic new discipline that combines fitness, endurance and looking good. The athletes perform quarter turns in round 1, in round 2 they do as many dips and chins as they can and for the endurance round they do rowing or Speed jumps (Plyometric jumps on bench).

The UKBFF will give advice to BIKINI and BODYFITNESS athletes during the 2 days. Visit the UKBFF Trade stand at the SPORTEX FESTIVAL.

For more information please email or phone the UKBFF on 0151 931 4090.


29.07.2011 // The UKBFF Judges seminar, which was held in Leicester in Sugars' gym on 24th July, was a great success.
Dennis Christopher (Sugar), Vice President UKBFF and judge, organizer of the East of England qualifier, had made perfect arrangements as usual, which seems to come natural to him as are his exceptional organisational skills.

The Chairman of the IFBB Judges Committee Pawel Filleborn from Poland had been invited by the UKBFF to give this seminar to all of our judges. The seminar gave an insight of the rule changes and new categories within the IFBB and the judges also received a refresher course of how to assess the most important points in judging Bodybuilding, Bodyfitness, Fitness and Bikini athletes.

Most of the UKBFF judges were present. Leica and Mike Gelsei, a loyal, hardworking couple and UKBFF Executive members, who are passionate about our sport. John Stevens, UKBFF Head Judge, who always makes sure that the UKBFF events run smoothly. Sean O'Reilly, the newly appointed UKBFF Education manager, who is giving the federation his experience in organizing and managing the IFBB courses. With Sean was his wife Helen O'Reilly, who is one of the new UKBFF Bikini judges and is the former Gladiator 'Panther'. Graham Kelly and Joe Pinto, two judges that have been with us for over 20 years and follow the very healthy lifestyle of bodybuilding. Jackie Parish and Maria Kelly are former athletes, who started judging after finishing competing and have been involved with the UKBFF as judges for a very long time. Maureen Farmer a judge for quite a few years and her partner Mike Adams, who qualified as a judge only recently. Warren Dyson, a promoter and judge and owner of a few gyms in Birmingham. He helps at the UKBFF events with the athletes. Two more ladies were present: Sue Billson, who has been judging for a few years now, and Debra Williams, recently qualified as a Bikini judge. Both of them are passionate about our sport and always willing to help when needed. Neil Hill, the promoter of the British Grand Prix 2011 and judge. The UKBFF also invited 2 test judges, Pat Warner and Ian Chambers. They were proud to be involved with the UKBFF and found the seminar very useful and educational. William Tierney, UKBFF President and IFBB General Secretary was present with his wife Wanda Tierney, UKBFF Admin and IFBB Women's Committee. They had organized this visit for the benefit of all of our judges. The Judges seminar will be a regular occurrence in the educational programme of the UKBFF.

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
The UKBFF Judges Seminar.

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
Pawel Filleborn with the students during the seminar.

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
From Left to Right: William Tierney UKBFF President/IFBB General Secretary, Dennis Christopher UKBFF Vice President, Wanda Tierney UKBFF Admin/IFBB Women's Committee, Pawel Filleborn Chairman IFBB Judges Committee.

16.07.2011 // Panther's Gym kicks off IFBB's UK Educational Programme
Weight Training and Personal Training Courses 4th - 7th June, 2011

The IFBB's Worldwide Educational Programme came to the UK on the 4th of June when over 40 bodybuilding enthusiasts, Gym Owners, sponsored athletes and Pros came to Panthers Gym in Uxbridge for 4 days for the latest in the UKBFF's Educational Programme, Specialist Weight Training and Personal Trainer courses. Over 4 days the assembled crowd heard Professor Mauricio de Arruda of Brazil teach about muscle, movement, exercises and exercise prescription with practical exercises in Panthers Gym demonstrated by top UKBFF and IFBB athletes.

Always something to Learn

The IFBB Educational Programme run in the UK by Sean OíReilly, UKBFF Education Manager and UKBFF Judge aims at supporting all athletes, no matter what their chosen sport, benefiting from top-level tutoring and advice from world renowned Instructors. Courses had recently run in Dubai and Mexico before coming to the UK. Despite the cold and wet British summer weather there was certainly a warm welcome from the 40 assembled students all keen to get started on day 1.

Specialist Weight Training Course

The 4 days kicked off with a 2 day Specialist Weight Training Course aimed at those with a good understanding of weight training and bodybuilding from gym experience but looking to formalise that knowledge and learn more about the principles behind the exercises and training techniques.

As a kinesiologist, Professor Mauricio De Arruda was the perfect person to get into the details about how joints and muscles work together, with resistance, to make the body work, adapt, and grow. The students all seemed to really appreciate how a deeper understanding of movement and resistance helps with 2 major areas - creating better isolation and force in the exercises while at the same time making sure proper form minimises the potential for injury. It's extremely rare to find someone who has never injured themselves one way or another in the gym but it was generally agreed that getting a solid foundation in proper form and technique is as important as getting a solid foundation of muscle before going on to advanced training techniques.

The course also covered a wide range of training techniques all designed for maximum stimulation and growth. After working through some basic techniques for beginners (and it is very useful to know how to train as a beginner) the group learned about some advanced techniques. The highlight came with a live demonstration from Neale Cranwell and Trevor Chung showing the group how advanced techniques could be used in a back workout which from the outside looked pretty brutal (though Neale and Trevor didn't seem too phased by it).

Personal Training Course

Following on from the Specialist Weight Training Course were two days of study for the IFBB Personal Training qualification. This took the principles learned in the Specialist Weight Training Course and showed how to apply these principles to beginners and the less advanced athlete. It was very interesting to see how to use exercise when working with clients who can be at a variety of levels rather than only seeing the techniques as they apply to your own training. The Professor gave comprehensive classes about how to break down all areas of the workout including reps, sets, and workout splits for clients and showed how to adapt these depending on the needs of the client. Other topics which were covered included correcting imbalances, training techniques for the intermediate and advanced athlete, injury prevention. The second day culminated in, what was the highlight for most people, seeing Alvin Small training biceps and running one brave student though the workout too - the perfect example of how to generate huge intensity with moderate weights and proper focus.

Getting a good education

The courses were brought to the UK by Bill Tierney, UKBB President and General Secretary of the IFBB. Bill says about the courses: "The IFBB's Pro athletes are the best in the world and as the federation who support them we want to spread their example of excellence. The IFBB courses which we now run across the world are all about bringing the principles of excellence in Fitness Education to a wider audience and since travelling around the world and running these courses in many different countries we have seen a huge appetite for easily accessible fitness courses to support the training and career goals of the members of our National Federations."

One of the IFBB Pros, Alvin Small who travelled to Panthers from his home town of Nottingham for the courses said: "Even though I'm a Pro Body Builder and regularly train clients myself I was surprised how much I learned on the courses. It's all about learning why we do the training we do and how everything works together to make the body work. For me the big thing is knowing how to work as intensely as possible but being mindful of proper form and preventing injury. We all want to be in this for the long term and doing it right means looking after yourself.

One of the demonstrators on the courses who took a break from his TV work and training his own clients to do the courses was Neale Cranwell. Neale"s take on the 4 days was: "One of the things I know from my years of training, competing, and presenting is that there is always something new to learn. Just when you think you know everything about one area someone comes along and shows you something else you hadn't thought of. It doesn't matter what level you are - you need to keep learning and doing something like coming on these courses does take your understanding to the next level."

The final word goes to the man who made it all happen, UKBFF Education Manager, Sean O'Reilly. A long-time competitor and Bodybuilding Guru himself, Sean knows just how important it is to supplement training with learning new techniques and approaches, something that he applies as much to his own training as that of his many clients:

"I am proud to have been asked by Bill Tierney to get involved with the UKBFF as a Judge and being part of the Executive as Education Manager to run these courses at Panthers for the IFBB. We have so much positive feedback for the courses and what the UKBFF is doing for athletes inside and outside the sport of bodybuilding. Now we have completed the first two courses we're looking forward to running the next series in November which include Specialist Weight Training, Advanced Specialist Weight Training, and a new Nutrition Course which we have already signed up most students from the Personal Training course. Although we have had a lot of well known bodybuilders and trainers on the courses already, Alvin Small, Kimberley Anne Jones, Bobby Khan, Neale Cranwell, Trevor Chung, Nabil Athman and Keith Williams to name but a few we are encouraging athletes to attend from all different sports as we believe the training techniques, injury prevention and nutrition will help every athlete as well as Personal Trainer.

Getting involved - Book onto the next Series of IFBB Training Courses

The next series of IFBB courses run by the UKBFF are due to be run in November at Panther's Gym on the following dates:

10th + 11th Nov (Thu, Fri) - Weight Training Prescription Specialist Course
12th + 13th Nov (Sat, Sun) - Advanced Weight Training Prescription Course
14th + 15th Nov (Mon, Tue) - Basic Nutrition Course

The next IFBB Personal Trainer Course will be in June 2012 and will be a 4 day course (dates to be confirmed).

If you want to find out more about the courses or book your place, please call UKBFF Educational Manager, Sean O'Reilly at Pantherís Gym on 01895 436000 or email

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
The students with Prof Mauricio de Arruda (centre standing).

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
The final day of the PFT course.

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation
Some practical exercises with pro bodybuilder Alvin Small (on the left) and the picture on the right shows Professor Mauricio de Arruda explaining the working of the muscles in a specific exercise.

20.04.2011 // New Personal Trainer Course in June
The latest intense 2-day IFBB Personal Trainer Course will take place on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th June 2011 at Panther's Gym in Uxbridge.

The cost is £299, however UBFF members who have a 4-yearly UKBFF Membership will be entitled to a special offer price of £249. Click here for details.

03.04.2011 // New Weight Training Course in June
The latest 2-day IFBB Specialist Weight Training Course will take place on Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th June 2011 at Panther's Gym in Uxbridge.

The cost is £299, however UBFF members who have a 4-yearly UKBFF Membership will be entitled to a special offer price of £249. Click here for details.

20.03.2011 // Amateur Mr Olympia results
The results of this weekend's first Amateur Mr Olympia are now available to download.

Click here for details.

14.03.2011 // Schedule for the Amateur Mr Olympia released
A tentative schedule for this weekend's Amateur Mr Olympia and International Cup at the Excel Centre (ICC Auditorium) in London is available for download.

The event begins with registration and weigh-in/measuring on Friday 18th March at 2pm. Saturday focuses on Pre-Judging and Finals for all Men's Bodybuilding weight categories, whilst Sunday concentrate on Men's Classic Bodybuilding, Women's Bodybuilding, Bodyfitness, Fitness and Bikini categories. Click here for further details.

08.01.2011 // UKBFF Events Calendar 2011 now available
Download a copy from our website today!

The UKBFF Events Calendar for 2011 is now available on the website via our 'Events' page. There have also been some amendments to the rules for the Men's Classic, Fitness and Boby Fitness classes - check out our 'Forms' page for details.

23.12.2010 // 1st IFBB Amateur Mr. Olympia and IFBB International Cup coming soon!
The venue is the ICC Auditorium, which is part of the Excel Centre London - one of the largest complete convention and expo centres in the UK.

Things are well underway for the first IFBB Mr Olympia Amateur Bodybuilding Championship and the prestigious IFBB International Cup 2011, which will feature the best physiques from across the world on 19th and 20th March 2011... Read more...

13.11.2010 // Bill Tierney Re-elected as General Secretary of the IFBB
The 64th IFBB World Amateur Bodybuilding Championships and IFBB World Congress has been a great success.

The event was held in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan from 4th to the 8th November 2010. There were 64 countries present and the standard of the 184 athletes was outstanding.

Our UKBFF President William Tierney was re-elected as IFBB General Secretary for another 4-year period. As the right-hand man of IFBB President Dr. Rafael Santonja, Bill has been working close to President Santonja for well over 8 years.

In 2006 when Dr. Santonja was elected as the new President of the IFBB after the founder of the IFBB Ben Weider retired, the IFBB Headquarters moved from Montreal, Canada to Madrid, Spain, the hometown of President Santonja. Since that time Bill and Wanda Tierney travel to Madrid regular to work in the office.

At the IFBB World Congress in front of delegates of 64 countries, Bill was re-elected as IFBB General Secretary and Wanda Tierney was re-elected as IFBB Chairwoman of the Fitness Committee.

IFBB Executive Council Members
IFBB Executive Council Members

From left to right seated: Wanda Tierney - Chair Women's Committee, Albert Busek - Vice President for Europe,
Pamela Kagan - Executive Director, Dr. Rafael Santonja - IFBB President, Jim Lorimer - Patron, Tamari Hitoshi - Patron,
Malih Alaywan - Vice President for Middle East.
From left to right standing: William Tierney - General Secretary, Jose Ramos - Treasurer, Pawel Filleborn - Chair Judges' Committee, Javier Pollock - Vice President for Caribbean, Juliette Bergmann - Secretary Women's Committee,
Tony Blinn - Special Advisor Legal, Dr. Eduardo De Rose - Special advisor Medical, Paul Graham - Vice President for Australasia, Carole Graham - Secretary Technical Committee, Sheikh Abdulla Al Khalifa - Vice President for Asia,
Marco Bosco - Legal Counsel, Dr. Eng. Adel Fahim El Sayed - Executive Assistant to the President, Bob Lorimer - promoter Arnold Classic.

The weekend of 9th - 10th October saw the UKBFF present the UK British Finals 2010 at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham.

We have the results in full available for download. For details of all placings in each class view our Official Final Places Combined Score Sheet.

08.09.2010 // Jan Tana - Tanning the Better Way
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Follow in the footsteps of Olympia champions using Jan Tana Hi-Definition Color ... Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Flex Lewis, Nicole Wilkins-Lee, Adela Garcia, and many other Olympia competitors.

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30.07.2010 // IFBB Training Courses started in the U.K.
On Saturday 24th July, Professor Mauricio de Arruda Campos from Brazil started the very first IFBB Weight Training Specialist course for the UKBFF.

It was therefore interesting that he started his UK tour in the 'First Fitness Family Gym' in Southsea, Portsmouth, which was the very first unisex gym in England, opened by Bob Woolger.

The owner of the gym now is his daughter Dianne Bennett, a well-known official in the IFBB and executive Committee Member of the UKBFF. At the age of 74 years, she still trains people herself and is an inspiration to many of us.

The history in Dianne's gym is incredible and the students chosen to do the IFBB course in her gym were very privileged.

The second stop was Cowley, Uxbridge where Helen and Sean O'Reilly run the Panther's Gym. They were members of the original 'Gladiators' a television game show.

This course was attended by Bobby Khan, the current UKBFF Classic Bodybuilding British Champion and many other competitors.

The feedback from all the students has been that they are very impressed by the lectures of Professor de Arruda and the word is spreading fast.

Next stop is Future Fitness in Coventry and then Wales and Leicester.

More updates will follow.

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Professor Mauricio de Arruda (far right) and Bill Tierney (2nd from right) with students in Portsmouth. Seated in the middle is Dianne Bennett UKBFF Executive Committee member.

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Professor Mauricio de Arruda (centre back row) with students in Cowley, Uxbridge.

UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation Explanation of biomechanics during the course.

06.03.2010 // Arnold Classic
Kai Greene of the United States won the Arnold Classic bodybuilding competition at the Arnold Sports Festival 2010.

A check for $130,000 was presented by Gerard Dente of MHP, a trophy was presented by Tim Bentley of GNC, an Audemars Piquet watch by Rhett Ricart, and a Tony Nowak jacket and congratulations from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger... Read more...

29.11.2009 // Arnold Classic
A great UK team will be participating at the Arnold Amateur Championships in Columbus, Ohio in March 2010.

The UKBFF is funding the trip of the 8 Champions, who have accepted the invitation and are preparing for this event. They are very excited at the prospect of competing on the stage of the most famous IFBB bodybuilder, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger... Read more...