UKBFF Event Archive

UKBFF Cumbrian Classic 2014

Venue: Carnegie Theatre, Workington

1 Daniel Mehmood
2 Dilan Thompson
3 Tony Finegan
also competed: Glen Fowler and Niki Chistyakov

1 Russell Donaldson
2 Allister Lawson
3 Billy Holliday
also competed: Barry Little

1 Nicola Thomas
2 Amanda Stewart
3 Paula Ostle
also competed: Frances Ellbeck and Karen Philips

Masters over-40s
1 Paul Thompson
2 John Osbourne
3 Shaun Watson
also competed: Harry Mason

Masters over-50s
1 David Hannah
2 Tom Devers
3 Ted Clifton

Bikini up to 163cm
1 Amelia Dale
2 Laura Powell
3 Meg Smith
also competed: Kirsty Durham and Adele Stoffbere

1 Anthony Wainwright
2 Shaun Tynan
3 Adrian Hanlon
also competed: David Hassle and Daniel Francis

Men's physique up to 178cm
1 Callum McGuirk
2 Masoud Rezaei
3 Liam Sharp
also competed: Paul Thompson, Jamie West and Callum Riley

Bodybuilding up to 70kg
1 Shane Conway
2 David Agnew
3 Patrick Shields
also competed: Dean Wharton

Bodybuilding up to 80kg
1 Tariq Almutari

Bodybuilding up to 90kg
1 Keith Nimo
2 Szymon Skorski

Bodybuilding over-100kg
1 Martin Williams

Women's physique
1 Vanessa Sewell
2 Kate Austin

Intermediates under-80kg
1 Gareth Southward
2 Phil Caine
3 Simon Rice

Intermediates under-90kg
1 Andrej Czajkowski
2 Gary Mossop
3 Simon Jackson

Intermediates over-90kg
1 James Davies

Bikini fitness over 163cm
1 Victoria Davies
2 Shannon Kerrigan
3 Hannah Kent
also competed: Louise Ransome, Jemma Lane, Cathryn Woodward, Claire Dawson and Linda O'Donnell

Men's physique over 178cm
1 Kirk O'Brien
2 Jason Gibson
3 Lawton Hopwood
also competed: Travis James, Steven Green, Elliot Taylor, Allistar Williams, David Mercer and Tom Wright